Men's League Rules Addendum

Any rules listed here supersede any of the regular rules

(Updated May 2020)

  • Only coaches are permitted to challenge rules.  Challenges presented by regular players will be ignored.
  • Only coaches are permitted to contact staff regarding scheduling issues, scorecard problems, etc.  All questions must be answered by your coach.
  • No substitute players from other teams will be permitted to play.
  • All players must be added to a team’s roster.  Players not listed are considered non-roster and are not eligible for tournament play.
  • Players must be approved and removed from the roster by the team coach before they can be added to another team’s roster.  Deadline to change teams is before the 8th week of play.  Any player wanting to change teams after the 8th week of games will not be permitted and they will not be eligible to play in the tournament for any team other than their original team.
  • If a coach does not notify Matt/Shawn by 6 pm the Friday before their game that they will not be at the game, that team will be required to pay $25 for each game forfeited.  The team will not be allowed to play again until the penalty is paid.
  • Players may only play on one team during a tournament.
  • If a player is ejected, the player may return to the next scheduled game. Repeated infractions are subject to 4 game ban.
  • If a team has 8 players, the opposing team decides whether or not that team takes an out before the game starts.
  • Extra hitter rule: If a team pays for a second homerun hitter and either hitter is walked, a free homerun hit is allowed only until the next hitter comes up to bat not the original hitter.  
    Example: Player 3 and 8 are designated hitters.  Player 3 is walked.  Player 4,5,6,7 can hit a free home run.  If no homerun is hit, the free homerun is reset when player 8 comes to bat.  If player 8 is walked, the free homerun is only valid until player 3 comes up to bat.