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2017 Men's League Rules

  • All rules are USSSA sanctioned rules. Any rules not in these guidelines will be found in the USSSA rulebook.
  • The home team is responsible for the official scorebook
  • All games will start at 10:00 A.M. due to daylight issues, the number of teams, and having to use one field at Mingo Park. Schedule will rotate every week.
  • No free foul. In other words, after the batter receives two strikes, any foul ball after is considered an out.
  • Homerun rule follows the GSL rule. Each team chooses a designated home run hitter at the beginning of each game and announces that to the umpire and the opposing team before the beginning of each game. The DHH is allowed unlimited HR's during the game, and four additional HR's by other batters in the lineup. If the DHH is walked for any reason, that allows any other batter in the lineup to use the DHH's homerun at no penalty to the team. Any other HR's outside of the DHH or the four remaining HR's is an automatic out.
  • Make sure alt trash is picked up at all times. Once your team enters the dugout, inspect the dugout first and advise the previous team to clean up the trash before the start of the next game.
  • Each team is to provide their own balls. No more than .44 core/400 compression. No stadium balls permitted. If your team is caught using a stadium ball, the ball will be forfeited and the game will end in a forfeit for the team using the stadium ball.
  • Games will be 7 innings, or a run rule, or time limit. Time limit is 1hr 10 min. Anything after 7 innings, or the one-hour mark is reached, the one pitch rule applies. If the time limit is near and another inning is started, you must finish the inning after it has started. Four complete innings is considered a complete game, You cannot start another inning after the time limit unless the game is tied. The game must continue and be completed with a designated winner. If the time limit rule applies after a complete inning, or at least four innings, the game is complete.
  • Teams need to be ready to start each game on time and be ready to play once they step on the playing field. We waste too much time warming up before games and it puts the entire schedule behind.
  • Tie breaker situation: After seven innings or time limit, the inning will start with one pitch, and a runner on second base. That runner must be the batter that made the last out.
  • Batters hitting at the pitcher- If the umpire feels that a batter is intentionally hitting at the pitcher, it is discretionary. The umpire has the right to warn that batter for the first offense if the umpire feels it is intentional. If the umpire feels that same batter intentionally hits at the pitcher for a second time, it is an automatic out. If the umpire feels that the same batter intentionally hits at the pitcher a third time, it is an out for that batter and that batter will be ejected and suspended for two weeks. Again, this is umpire discretion.
  • Rosters- Must be turned in by the first game and will be posted on the website to view. A team can add a player during the season at any time. Each player has to play four games minimum to be eligible to play in the league tournament. Each D2 team is permitted two DI players on their roster during the season to play at any time. Those two players are allowed to play in any/ail games, including the league tournament. Those two DI players must be the same two players throughout the season and cannot be switched for any other players until the next season. DI teams are permitted to allow D2 players to play on their roster when needed, and in the league tournament if needed to ensure each team has enough players to participate in the league tournament.
  • After the five week mark, a player cannot switch from one team to another during the season. That player must wait until the fall season to play again, or the next summer season if it happens during the fall season if he is released or quits from his original team.
  • Minimum age to compete in the league is 16 years old. Any player under the age of 18 has to have written parental consent to compete.
  • When a batter hits a homerun, the batter does NOT have to touch any bases. That applies to anyone on base at that time as well.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated on any level. The umpire has the authority and the discretion to eject any player at any time. If any player is ejected from a game for throwing punches, that player is ejected and suspended for one calendar year. Any threats to an umpire/player will result in immediate ejection and suspended for one calendar year. No exceptions! All other ejections will result in a two-week suspension.
  • Balls and bats cannot be altered in any way. Shaved or rolled bats are not permitted. Bats do not have to have a 2013/2014 stamp. If any player is caught with an altered bat, they will be ejected and suspended for two weeks.
  • If a team is not able to appear for their scheduled game, that game results in a forfeit and that team is required to notify the opposing team/teams within two hours of that teams' scheduled game time to avoid any confusion for the opposing team and the umpires, If the team does not make the proper notifications, that team will be charged the umpire fee for the games not being played. Umpires are paid for each individual game and have to be paid if the games are not forfeited within the allotted time frame. If a team is playing in a State or National tournament and cannot attend a regularly scheduled game, a two-week notice to the director and the opposing team must be made and rescheduled by both teams.
  • A team has to have at least eight players to start the game. However, if a team starts with only eight or nine players, an out shall be declared when the ninth or tenth position in the lineup is scheduled to bat. The ninth or tenth player may be added at any time during the game to fill the void. The maximum players a team can have in the lineup is 12. (Ten in the field and bat 12). However, no matter how many players a team starts with, once a player leaves the game and cannot be replaced, that spot in the lineup is an out when scheduled to bat.
  • All players have to be on the roster and substitutions have to be announced to the umpires
  • No people/persons are permitted near or around any of the buildings on the property except the concession stand. Those buildings are owned by the property owner in which the complex is built on. Please respect that. A verbal warning will be given the first occurrence. After the first occurrence, you will be removed from the property
  • All players and spectators are to park in the grass at the west end of the property or on the north side of Chieftain Drive. Do not under any circumstances park any vehicles on the south side of Chieftain Drive, which is the area directly behind the backstops and the sideline fences of both fields.
  • No metal cleats are permitted
  • No jewelry allowed (watches, etc.)
  • Make sure all managers advise their players of these rules. Everyone will be held accountable for their actions.
  • Rainouts-Umpires have full discretion on when to call games for any reason. If the games are cancelled due to weather, refer to the website(riversideballpark.com)/Facebook and home page will advise you if the games are cancelled. If there is nothing on the Facebook page or website about a cancellation, or if you have not been notified that the games are cancelled, all games will resume as scheduled. Riverside ballpark will do it's best to reschedule all games. If a game is stopped for any reason by the umpire and needs to be resumed, it will resume where it left off, unless it is a complete game. However, your team may have to play on another day other than your normally scheduled day to in order to make sure all teams get to play all of their scheduled games.
  • We will not schedule any games on holiday weekends at this point. Those holiday Sundays will be used for makeup games only at this point in case of inclement weather. Everyone will be advised by two hours before scheduled games if there will be any cancellations.
  • Lightning-Play will be suspended for 20 minutes if lightning is seen by the umpire. Play will resume unless lightning is seen for a second time. At that point, the game will be complete if the number of innings have been played. If not, the game will be postponed
  • Profanity-The umpire has the authority to warn and/or eject any player for the use of profanity. If a player is ejected for those reasons, you will be suspended for two weeks. Please respect the fact that there will be children around the park.
  • Pitching rule per USSSA- The ball must reach 3' in the air from the release and no more than 10' in the air or it is an illegal pitch.
  • Courtesy Runner- (GSL) May be anyone on the roster. Courtesy runner may only be used for one time per inning. If the courtesy runner is on base when it is their time to bat, an out will be taken for that spot in the order. At no time, unless injury or blood rule, shall a courtesy runner be substituted for. If the courtesy runner is substituted for due to injury or blood rule and his spot in the batting order comes up in the same inning, an out will be taken and his spot in the lineup will be skipped.
  • League Fees- All league fees shall be paid by no later than the league meeting. If they are not paid by the second week of the season, your team will forfeit every game until the league fee is paid in full. Riverside Ballpark is not responsible for chasing down league fees. It is the responsibility of the team manager to seek out a sponsor and ensure the fee is paid when it is due.
  • Team Drop Outs- Any team that drops from the league after the schedule is made and has paid their league fee will forfeit one quarter of the league fee up front. If the season has already started and the final schedule is online and your team drops out, that team will forfeit their league fee.
  • League Tournament Coin Toss- During normal league play, a coin toss will determine who is home team. However, during the league tournament, the undefeated team during tournament play only shall be home team during the championship game unless it goes to the " What If" game at the end to determine the league champion. At that point, a coin toss will determine the home team. All other games during the league tournament, the home team will be determined by the coin toss.
  • Scorecards-Each team must list first and last names on the scorecard. The name must appear on the scorecard as it does on the official roster. If a player is found to be playing illegally, that team will not be permitted to play or continue playing in the league tournament.
  • DHH- The designated home run hitter must be determined before the start of the game. That batter may hit unlimited home runs during that game. If that batter leaves the game for any reason, the substitute player may not assume the position of the DHH. However, if the DHH reenters the game, he may re assume his duties as the DHH. If the DHH is walked for any reason, that allows a free home run to any batter in the lineup until the DHH's turn in the lineup to bat again without any penalty.


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